A new enjoyable routine

It's been an inspiring week. I found an image on Pixabay and started a drawing of a soap bubble, it's got a nice, summer feeling to it. It's a chance to test out some of the things I learned at Sharpened Artist Academy this week, a few time saving tricks that are very welcome. :) Color pencil drawings take a lot of time, but that is part of the appeal for me. I like the control I have over both shape and color when I use pencils. But of course, if I can learn to save some time here and there, I will. 

I have quite a nice routine going now. I usually watch the weekly class from SAA on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday at work I listen to the Color Pencil Podcast. My week gets off to a really nice start this way.

My summer bubble

My summer bubble

You need my help, don't you see?

You need my help, don't you see?

Learning to learn

When I started getting interested in colored pencil art, I looked online for artists and information. I soon realized that there were few artists here in Norway using colored pencils to produce photorealistic art, at least I don't see much of them online. I will investigate further...

Luckily there were other sources out there.

I want to pick up tips, tricks and techniques and learn as much as I can, but at the same time I'm being very stubborn about the whole thing and insisting (to myself) that I already know everything! The good thing about learning from online sources is that I can do it my way.

Sharpened Artist Academy

I joined the Sharpened Artist Academy, when they launched in May this year. They start with the very basics which is great, because you will learn everything there is to know without missing a thing. I felt like I didn't have to pay that much attention in the beginning, I do remember a lot of this from art school. :) Also, I want to print out all the written material, put it neatly in a folder and then do all the practical lessons in the correct order.

It feels more solid to me somehow, to have a physical sheet of paper in front of me, than to read it off the computer.  I have the same reason for not using a drawing tablet. I'd like to try it one day, but for now I want to use good old pencil and paper. (I wonder if future generations will feel that way, to me anything digital just feels so... abstract.)

Having said that, I do enjoy John Middick's teaching videos. They give an extra dimension to the lesson, as opposed to just reading and trying to learn from a book. It means that I have an actual teacher, I'm not having to struggle through this all on my own.

In the latest lesson I have been learning the basics of color matching and blending, so in the spirit of "I Know Everything Already!", I started a new drawing yesterday of a soap bubble, completely disregarding most of the good advice I have picked up!

Seems like my preferred way of learning is the hard way!

I am going to make a checklist of all the things I should consider before starting a new project. I just get so excited when I start something new, I don't want to think about boring, practical things!

In colored pencil art, it pays to be patient and plan ahead. Now if only I could remember that at the right moment...