What I've learned so far

I've finished my drawing of a bubble, and I thought this is a good time to review what I've learned. I want to write about that once in a while so I can look back and see my progress clearly.

I should draw smaller images so I don't tire of the project too soon. I wasn't planning on doing the background in this drawing, but after a while I realised just how much of the background was showing through the bubble. I colored it all in so that the transparency of the bubble would be easier to make sense of.

I should be patient and keep going when I want to give up. I won't mess up the drawing nearly as much as I think I will, and even when I do, I learn from it. I did push this drawing farther than the last one, but I still have a long way to go when it comes to working all the way to a finished work.

I have improved when it comes to drawing with a light hand. I do still have a tendency to push harder and harder without realising, but I'm becoming more aware of it all the time.

I have started on a pink flower, and taking with me what I've learned: I keep checking my pressure on the pencil, and this time I won't fill the entire sheet of paper.