Summer holiday

I have started my holiday, 3 weeks of art and sun! (hopefully). I am staying home and will have a chance to catch up on a lot of stuff I don't normally take time to do. I will be reading books and watching art documentaries, besides drawing as much as I can.

I went to the beach on Sunday and I gathered a lot of broken glass that's been sanded down by the waves. I liked looking for those pieces of glass when I went to the beach as a kid, finding one was like spotting a little gem among the pebbles and the seaweed.

This time I found brown glass, different greens and white. It's white now but used to be transparent, and it has a nice shine to it when it's wet.  I really enjoyed the Colored Pencil Podcast interview with Cecile Baird a couple of weeks ago, she's amazing when it comes to lighting her objects in an interesting way. I was inspired to do something with the glass I found and take some reference photos where I experiment with the light. I think it will feel different to draw something that I have both found and photographed myself.