My own reference photos

I've started a new drawing. I'm really excited about this one, because it's the first time I use a reference photo I have taken myself. It makes such a huge difference for some reason, it feels better to have made everything myself from the beginning. I took a photo of one of my cats, Ludwig and I'm drawing from that. I just want to practice drawing the nose and the eye, I don't plan on finishing the whole piece now. I'll just keep going until I'm tired of it. I focus on one area and I go a couple of rounds with layers of colored pencil and odorless paint thinner. Then I move on to the next area. I think that way it's easy to get the contrasts right. Then I'll go over all the areas again until I have reached the amount of color saturation I'm after.

I finished the pink flower and put it up on the bedroom wall. I could probably have gone for longer, it's hard to decide when I can't get any more out of it. I guess that comes with practice. This time I haven't had to stop because I've damaged the paper by pushing too hard. It's a bit fuzzy round the edges, I need to pay more attention to having sharp lines where needed.

I'm in a really good place when it comes to drawing habits. For the past two weeks I have drawn for about two hours a day. I wasn't going to draw more than one hour a day until November, but I got so excited when I had a few days off work and I realised that it's not the length of time in front of the easel that's the challenge, but the size of my project. I need to keep telling myself that I'm just going to practice drawing small things. That way, I often do more than what I intended because my motivation lasts longer than when I think I have this huge task in front of me. It's amusing how our minds work...